Neil - 9/26/59
The 1st child born, Neil is currently living and working in Appleton, Wisconsin. He lives with his wife Carol.


Mary - 8/31/60
Less than a year after Neil's birth, came the addition of a baby girl to the Gipp household. Mary lives and works in Houston, Texas.


Keith - 12/30/61
The following year, Keith joined the family. Now there are three little Gippers under the age of three in household. Keith lives in Houston, TX with his wife Linda.


Rita - 8/6/63
Can you imagine four children under the age of 4?! Rita currently lives and teaches in Janesville, WI, and ownes Mastermind Computer Technologies.


Jean - 1/13/1969
Once the first four entered school, Mom must have gotten lonely, because along came Jean... whom we all adored and spoiled. She remains in Shawano with her husband Warren.

The George Gipp Family

George Gipp was born in Cecil, Wisconsin on April 23rd, 1937, to his parents William and Hildegard Gipp. He grew up in Shawano, Wisconsin, where he attended St. James Lutheran School Kindergarten thru Eighth grade.

George is a graduate of Shawano High School. After High School, George spent some time serving our country in the Air Force.

George returned to Shawano after completing service in the Armed Forces. It wasn't long before he met Doris (Way), from Green Bay. I love hearing Mom's story of how Dad proposed marriage to her. If you're looking for a touching romantic story... well... that's just not the sort of cloth my dad is made of. If my memory serves me correctly, mom's recollection of the proposal went something like this: "Well Doris, how about we get married this weekend?"

George and Doris Gipp were married on November 1st, 1958. This year marks their 50th wedding anniversary.

Grandma Gipp told me that Mom and Dad said they planned on waiting five years before starting a family. That didn't happen! Before their 5th anniversary, they already had four children. In August of 1963 I was born, and I'm the fourth out of five children. My little sister Jean was born in 1969.

Can you imagine four children in each grade of high school at the same time?


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